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This locomotive series was derived from the 661 (HZ 2061) series »Kennedy«, in order to enable operation on the local tracks which supported lesser axle pressure (because in the meanwhile all the major mainlines had been electrified). Originally, ten units had been assigned for the reconstruction, but the project was restricted because of the war. The first reconstructed unit (646-001, today 2043-001) was assigned to service on 1991/02/13, and the last one (2043-006) on 1999/02/06.

The reconstruction began with the unit no. 661-101. The aim was to decrease the overall weight of the locomotive. To achieve the goal, the number of traction motors was reduced from six to four. Two traction motors were removed together with the reducers, which decreased the weight from 112 to 99 tons. After the removal of two traction motors, new electric circuits had to be calculated and installed.

The original steam car-heating system was replaced by electric heating system, manufactured by Uljanik Works in Pula, Croatia. Now it was possible to lower the front part (the hood) of the locomotive, where the steam generator had been originally situated. This allowed the engineers to have a clear view of the track. The installed power of the new unit has remained the same, but the traction effort was decreased because of the weight loss.

The unit 2043-004 was derived from 2061-005 (former 661-008); 2043-005 from 2061-004 (former 661-007); and the last one, 2043-006 from 2061-008 (former 661-018).

Technical data of the locomotive: 

Axle arrangement


Years of reconstruction



Zagreb Railway Works

Operated since


Power of the unit

1433 kW / 1950 hp


124 km/h

Wheel diameter

1016 mm

Weight of the unit

99 t

Axle pressure

16.5 t

Length including buffers

18,941 mm

Height of the unit

3,906 mm

Width of the unit

2,819 mm



Traction and auxiliary devices:   

Diesel motor GMC 16-645 E (1640 kW / 2230 hp)
Electric traction motor D77 / D47 (212 kW, 800 A, 265 V)
Main generator D22L / D32L (1275 kW, 2400 A, 980 V)
Auxiliary generator 18 kW, 74 V
Rectifier 375 kW, 1500 V, 250 A
Compressor Westinghouse WBO 8106

Structural alterations:

1) alternator for train heating manufactured by Uljanik Works of Croatia (three-phase AC, type S 3409 — K 3898; 375 kW, 197 A, 1100 V)

2) corresponding controller facilitating 1500 V DC, 375 kW for powering of the cars