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A TGV Atlantique trainset behind a class 72000 diesel in TGV service to les Sables d'Olonne, in the Vendée region on the Atlantic coast. This line (114 km long from Nantes) was yet to be electrified in 2000, and a local politician (Philippe de Villiers) arranged for diesel-hauled TGVs in the interim, to spare passengers the hassle of changing trains. Three class 72000 diesels were modified for this purpose, with Scharfenberg couplers and provisions to supply head-end power to the towed trainset. Eight TGV-A trainsets also received modifications for this service, which began in the summer of 2000.

Photo by Hervé Thomas (

TGV Atlantique trainset 325, holder of the world speed record, works alongside the other 104 TGV Atlantique trainsets with only two distinguising features: the blue band painted across the nose and commemorative bronze plaques on the side.

Photo by Marc Dufour (

Another shot of trainset 325.

Photo by Romain Dermejean (

Moby Dick sighted! TGV Atlantique 301, first of the series. This trainset (as well as 302) is painted white (instead of the more familiar silver), as originally intended for the TGV Atlantique. The decision to paint the remaining trains silver came after 301 and 302 were delivered as pre-production trainsets, and they were never repainted.

Photo by Romain Schwartz (

An Atlantique trainset moments after pulling up to the bumper block at Paris Montparnasse, Saturday 21 July 1990. As usual for TGVs it sports a heavy buildup of dead bugs.

Photo by Clem Tillier (

An Atlantique trainset coasting into Paris Montparnasse, 21 July 1990.

Photo by Clem Tillier (

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