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The TGV 001 TBDu power car.

Photo: unknown. Scan by Yann Nottara (

The TGV 001 turbotrain in 1972.

Photo: LVDR. Scan: Clem Tillier (

The TGV 001 at the Villeneuve St-Georges shops on May 24, 1975.

Photo by Jean-Paul Lescat (

The TGV 001, this time with an unusual addition: the gas-turbine powered train has been fitted with a set of pantographs to study overhead contact dynamics. Date unknown, likely 1975

Photo: unknown. Scan: Yann Nottara (

One of the two TGV 001 turbine power cars (or what remains of it in 1996), decorating the entrance of the Bischheim maintenance shops near Strasbourg, France. The other is awaiting display in Belfort. Nitpickers note: the bogies are not original items. The other TGV 001 power car is parked on a shop track nearby. October 1996.

Photo by Yann Nottara (

The same TGV 001 unit, from the right side. Note the turbine's air intake midway back; intake scoops face both ways for bidirectional operation. October 1996

Photo by Yann Nottara (

Schematic of the TGV 001 trainset with dimensions and interior layout.

A 3-view diagram of the Z7001 Zébulon test vehicle, published in the August 1994 issue of Loco Revue.

Drawing by Michel Grannec.

The Z7001 Zébulon test vehicle at the Villeneuve-St-Georges shops in March 1976, from a photo published in the August 1994 issue of Loco Revue.

Photo: J-H. Lavie. Scan by Clem Tillier

The Z7001 Zébulon test vehicle, used to develop electric traction for the first TGVs in the mid seventies. In the lower left corner is another image showing the livery in color.

Photo: SNCF. Scan: Mark Williams (

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