deutsch english français In the famous mountains of the Harz, deep in the heart of Germany, the romantic Parkhotel am Hohnekopf is nested in the unique environment of the southern foothills of the massif of the Brocken, about 9km south of Wernigerode: the place, a village called Drei Annen Hohne, is at approx. 600m altitude.

Parkhotel am HohnekopfThe ancient building, just renewed (Grand Opening in May 1996 !), has kept all its charm...

Currently, it offers...

National Park Hochharz Drei Annen Hohne is the door to the Nationalpark Hochharz, the National Park Upper Harz, and our Parkhotel am Hohnekopf is the only hotel in the park:
- during the summer season, it is the ideal starting place for walks and bike rides, climbing;
- during the winter season, ski and all kinds of associated sports are available at your doorstep: in winter, the Parkhotel am Hohnekopf runs its own skilift up to an altitude of 900m.
- and, all year long, the Harz area offers many opportunities for short tours of high cultural, educational, and historical interest...

Mallet + T1 The Parkhotel am Hohnekopf is managed in association with HSB, the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH, i.e. the operators of the Harz narrow-gauge steam railway network, Harzquerbahn, Brockenbahn, and Selketalbahn: The Great Little Trains of the Harz.

Drei Annen Hohne is the junction station between the Harzquerbahn, "Trans-Harz Railway", virtually crossing the Harz massif in its entirety, linking Wernigerode (north) and Nordhausen (south), a distance of approx. 60km / 35 miles, and the Brockenbahn, the "Brocken Mountain Railway".

Drei Annen Hohne is the starting station for this famous, traditionally steam-operated railway climbing 600m / 2'000ft in 19km / 12 miles, with long uncompensated 3% / "1 in 30" grades !

The trip up to the Brocken summit is approx. 50 minutes long, ensuring you of a really unique show for the eyes and the ears... and an unforgetable experience for dedicated "steam fans" and the whole family as well !

All 3 lines total 132km / 80 miles, by far the longest essentially-steam-operated railway in Europe and the star-attraction in the Harz area !

In the Parkhotel am Hohnekopf as well as in their steam trains and in all tourism services, the HSB are commited to offer top service in accordance to the global strategy of the Harz area: promotion of incoming tourism, conservation of the natural ressources, promotion of more than 1000 years of historical wealth... and they really have "all the connections" to ensure top quality to your stay...

Parkhotel am Hohnekopf
prices for accomodation
(summer 1996)
single room...86.-- DM
double room from...140.-- DM
apartment from...195.-- DM

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Click ! to a well-documented file about "The Great Little Trains of the Harz" at (index in english), and special pages, full of information for the visitors: timetables, prices, "steam specials", excursions of the day, 2, 3, and 5 day tours, etc..., at (most pages in deutsch + english + french): thanx to Mercurio - The European Rail Server ( for supplying the WEB-server ressources...
Click ! to some information (only in deutsch) about Wernigerode and the area, courtesy Fach-Hochschule - Harz - Wernigerode, i.e. the Professional High School of the Harz in Wernigerode, at; Wernigerode, "The Colorful City of the Harz", is 9km - north from our Parkhotel am Hohnekopf, and the northern terminal of the steam-operated Harzquerbahn
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