Railway Operators in Greece

 OSE - Organismos Sidirodromon Ellados

Network length, gauge and electrification (1995):

In 2006 - as one of the last in EU member states - the OSE was split up in a network manager and an operating company. EDISY S.A. ("National Administrator of Railway Infrastructure") will run the Greek railway network, while TRENOSE S.A. will operate all passenger and freight trains, some busses, tourist trains and the telecom network. ERGOSE S.A. will - as now - run the construction projects.
In 2000 OSE moved 12.3 million passengers, producing 1.6 billion passenger-km. Freight traffic amounted 2.4 million tonnes and 326 million tonne-km. Total network length in the year 2000 was 2299km (division unknown).

Due to the financial problems of the Greek government, massive cuts are expected (or have already taken place) in the railway network in 2011. All narrow gauge lines might be closed, and all regional services on standard gauge lines suspended. Only InterCity services and commuter from Thessaloniki and Athens might remain.

In 2016 the operation of Greek trains (TrainOSE) was sold to the FS Group from Italy. In 2021 the name Hellenic Train with a new logo was introduced, but it is unknown yet if this will be the name for the new electric ETR.470 trainsets only, or for entire TrainOSE.

Website: http://www.ose.gr/

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 GFR - Grup Feroviar Roman Hellas

Network length, gauge and electrification (2021):

GFR is an open-access freight operator, originally based in Romania but now active in many countries in southeastern Europe. In 2021 the first two Romanian locomotives were approved for use in Greece.

Website: http://www.gfr.ro/

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 RCLG - Rail Cargo Logistics Goldair

Network length, gauge and electrification (2018):

RCLG is the first open-access freight operator in Greece. It is a cooperation of Rail Cargo Group from Austria and Greek transport and logistics company Goldair Group. They started operating their own trains in 2018 with a locomotive leased from OSE. The main goal is to operate freight trains between the border with FYROM (Macedonia) and Thessaloniki.

Website: http://www.railcargolg.com/

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Last update: 22-10-2021