Railway Operators in Kazakhstan

 KTZ - Kazakstan Temir Zholy

Network length, gauge and electrification (2006):

Kazakhstan has both railway connections to Russia and China. The country is very large, and railway travel mostly involves long distances. In 2004 a new 400km north-west line opened, saving trains a detour of some 2000km. A new east-west standard gauge line of 3930km from Dostuk on the Chinese border to north-west Iran is now under construction. 3070km of this line is in Kazakhstan, 770km in Turkmenistan and 70km in Iran.

In 2009 KTZ produced 902 million passenger-km. In 2007 261 million tonnes were transported (5.5% more than in 2006), producing 201 billion tonne-km (+5%).

Website: http://www.railways.kz/

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Last update: 28-07-2010