Railway Operators in Moldova

 CFM - Calea Ferata din Moldova

Network length, gauge and electrification (2014):

CFM operates passenger and freight trains in Moldova, using old Soviet locomotives and trainsets. Although not a mountainous country there are several lines with long gradients. Over these triple locomotives are used for heavy freight trains.
There are 3 border crossings with Romania although Iasi-Ungheni is the only one with through international passenger trains. With Ukraine there are multiple border crossings. The lines in the north (Cernivci-Ocnita) and south (Bender I-Reni-Galati) pass the border multiple times.

Website: http://www.railway.md/

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 PZD - Pridnestrovskaia Zheleznaia Doroga

Network length, gauge and electrification (2018):

PZD operates the railways in the semi-independent Transnistria area of Moldova, between the Dnestr river and Ukraine. Tiraspol is the main city in this area.

Website: http://www.pjdpmr.com/

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Last update: 14-04-2020