Railway Operators in Romania

Information about Romanian private operators is based on an article in Today's Railways 115 (July 2005) with many updates since then. Check out the web site and take a subscription!

Please note that only the larger companies (operating on the main line and with at least 3 locomotives) are mentioned. There are several others with only 1 or 2 locomotives or that only perform shunting duties. See the above mentioned magazine for a full overview. 

 CFR - Căile Ferate Romăne

Network length, gauge and electrification (2002):

In 1998 the former SNCFR was split up in different parts. For the rolling stock the most important are CFR Călători (SNTFC, passengers) and CFR Marfă (CFR, freight). SFT (Societatea Feroviara de Turism) operated the historic steam locomotives and narrow gauge locomotives of CFR. It was declared bankrupt in 2018.

In 2013 48.5 million passengers travelled with CFR, 15% less than in 2012.

Websites: http://www.cfr.ro/, https://www.cfrcalatori.ro/ and http://www.cfrmarfa.cfr.ro/

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 ATC - Astra TransCarpatic Srl

Network length, gauge and electrification (2018):

Astra operates open-access passenger trains. It started with a Arad-Bucuresti night train (extended to Constanta in summer) and passenger trains on Brasov-Bucuresti. There are plans to use second-hand DSB(DK) IC2 trainsets for many more services.

Website: https://www.astratranscarpatic.ro/

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 CG (BEU) - SC Constantin Grup Srl

Network length, gauge and electrification (2011):

This company operate mostly shunting operations and locomotive repairs in their workshop in Călăraşi. Also, many of their locomotives are rented to Servtrans Invest and GFR.

Website: http://www.locomotive.ro/

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 CTV - Cargo Trans Vagon

Network length, gauge and electrification (2005):

CTV started to operate chemical trains from a large factory in Victoria, over lines in south and southeastern Romania.The company is a member of the TTS (Transport Trade Services) group of companies and now operates open-access freight trains in entire Romania.

Website: http://www.cargotransvagon.ro/

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 DBSR - DB Cargo Romania S.R.L. (former Logistic Services Danubius)

Network length, gauge and electrification (2005):

This company, a subsidiary of DB Cargo in Germany, is now a large open-access freight train operator in Romania. It used to be known as Logistic Services Danubius.

Website: https://ro.dbcargo.com/

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 EPR - E-P Rail S.R.L.

Network length, gauge and electrification (2020):

E-P Rail is a new open-access freight operator with rather modern electric locomotives, like Transmontana and Smartron.

Website: https://www.e-prail.ro/

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 GFR - Grup Feroviar Roman

Network length, gauge and electrification (2005):

This private operator runs open-access freight trains all over Romania. It is one of the largest private operators in the country. In 2010/2011 GFR acquired all rail operations of Rompetrol, the locomotives and wagons were also taken over but not (yet) repainted.
In 2010 GFR transported 9.25 million tonnes of freight, a market share of 27% in Romania. GFR is part of the Grampet Group.

Website: http://www.gfr.ro/

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 IRC - InterRegional Calatori

Network length, gauge and electrification (2009):

IRC entered the passenger train market in 2008 using the name Regional. They have taken over several services from CFR Calatori. IRC is linked to infrastructure owner and manager Via Terra Spedition that does not operate trains itself.

Website: https://interregional.ro/

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 RCBV - Regio Calatori

Network length, gauge and electrification (2009):

This new private operator (previously known as RC-Caile Ferate TRANS Brasov and later as Feroviar Keolis) operates passenger trains around Alba Iulia, Brasov, Timisoara, and on Bretcu - SF. Gherorghe and Sighisoara - Odorhei. More and more lines are added, it is difficult to keep track of all of them. Freight operations and infrastructure has been renamed in 2009 into RFo: RC Rail Force SRL Brasov.
In 2018 the company was renamed from Regiotrans into Regio Calatori.

Website: https://regiocalatori.ro/

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 SFTRA - Softrans SRL

Network length, gauge and electrification (2014):

This private operator runs open-access freight trains. One locomotive is on hire to M?V in Hungaria (through Floyd).
Since 2014 Softrans - operating arm of the Softronic locomotive/trainset builder - also operates passenger services: A local service on Motru-Filiasi-Strehaia-Craiova and a seasonal long-distance service Craiova-Bucuresti and Brasov-Bucuresti.

Website: http://www.softrans.ro/

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 STI - Servtrans Invest SA

Network length, gauge and electrification (2009):

Servtrans operates open-access freight trains with many different goods all over Romania. In March 2005 they entered the passenger train business, taking over Rosiori Nord-Pitesti from CFR. In 2009 one train pair on Rosiori Nord-Turnu Magurele followed.
It looks like Servtrans is being renamed into, or taken over by GP Rail Cargo.

Website: http://www.servtrans-invest.com/

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 TFG - SC Transferoviar Grup SA

Network length, gauge and electrification (2010):

This is another open access freight operator, which started passenger operations (TFC, Transferoviar Calatori) on lines leased from CFR in 2010. They currently operate passenger trains on Caransebeş - Bouţari, (Buzau-) Berca - Nehoiaşu and Oradea Est - Băile Felix - Cordău - Holod (Cordău - Holod is currently out-of-use). They also operate mainline long-distance services on Oradea - Cluj-Napoca (2 pairs), Cluj-Napoca - Bistriţa Nord (2 pairs) and Cluj-Napoca - T?rgu Mureş (1 pair). They will soon put in service 2 pairs of regional trains on route Oradea - Timişoara Nord.

Websites: http://www.transferoviar.ro/ and https://transferoviarcalatori.ro/

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 UTZ - Unicom Tranzit SA (former SC Unifertrans SA)

Network length, gauge and electrification (2020):

Unicom Tranzit is the freight train operating branch of the Unicom Group. They also perform shunting duties at industial sites.
In the past Unifertrans was a railway operator in the Unicom group, this company probably has been renamed into Unicom Tranzit. Unifertrans operated open-access freight trains, mainly tank trains to the port of Constanta. They also operated narrow gauge trains for the Romcim Fieni cement factory, from Fieni to Moroieni.

Website: http://www.unicom-group.ro/tranzit/

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