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The two units of JŽ 462 (HŽ 1161) series were derived from the JŽ 362 (HŽ 1061) series. The purpose of the project was to meet the needs for freight haul on mountain tracks electrified at 25 kV ~ 50 Hz, at relatively low costs. The very special motive for such a proposition was the re-electrification of Zagreb - Rijeka line from 3 kV DC to 25 kV ~ 50 Hz, which was currently in progress. The old 362 series had to be made use of, otherwise it should had been cashed. The main aim of the project was to preserve as many existing parts as possible, and if some should be replaced, the substitutes had to be equal to those of the 441 series. The modified locomotive should also comply with contemporary technical regulations. From the existing parts of the 362 series, the bogies were retained, the main frame was reinforced, the traction motors and the pantographs were modified. The parts equaled to the 441 series are: the main transformer with the current switch, direction switch, contactors, electrical amplifiers, air compressor and some parts of the pneumatic devices. The result of the reconstruction was the first six-axle diode locomotive at HŽ, carrying the 1161 serial number.

The first unit chosen for the overhaul was the damaged 362-106, which came to Zagreb Workshop on 1980/06/25. After the overhaul, it became the serial number 462-001. The second to be reconstructed was also damaged, no. 362-003, which had been waiting at the workshop yet since 1979/07/28. Once the transformation of the 462-001 was completed, by the beginning of 1988 started the functional testing. On the 23rd of March the first test drive was carried out at Locomotive Overhaul Department, and subsequently the unit was permitted into the traffic. The locomotive was tested afterwards too, on different rail sections and under different conditions, according to the prototype testing program.

Croatian language - Hrvatski jezik


Specifications (general)


Zagreb Railway Works


1988 (1161 001) - 1991 (1161 002)

No build (total)


No build (for HŽ)


In service

since 1988/03/10

Class id


Class id (JŽ)



1161 001 - 1161 002

No of units in HZ


In service (active)




Cab comfort equipment

air condition



Technical specifications

Wheel arrangement



1435 mm

Power supply

25 kV 50 Hz

Tot weight

129 t

Max axle weight

22 t

Max power

3869 kW (5262 hp)

Tractive effort

350 kN

Hour straining force

283 kN

Permanent straining force

236 kN

Maximum train weight on the incline of 30 promiles 

760 t

Max speed

120 km/h

Electric traction motor »Ansaldo« 645 kW, 1800 V, 375 A
Motor of the main compressor 1 ZK 225 S4 (37 kW, 3 x 380 V, 73.5 A)
Traction motors ventilators »Sever« type T112 M2 (4 kW, 3 x 380 V, 8.1 A)
Ventilator of the main converter 4 AZ 1325 A2 (5.5 kW, 3 x 380 V, 11.8 A)
Ventilator of the oil cooler RK 4A ZA 132 M-4V 18E 215 (7.5 kW, 3 x 380 V, 15.2 A)
Compressor with the reducer Westinghouse 243 VCR 1 300/min


Length incl. buffers

19440 mm


4650 mm

Boggy center distance

5750 mm

Wheel diam. 

1250 mm

Trainspotting tip

The two units of the class 1161 represent heavy freight locomotives utilised on Zagreb Ranžirni kolodvor (Marchalling Yard) — Moravice line. They can be spotted at any station in-between.