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TGV high speed lines are referred to as LGV, for their French designation "ligne à grande vitesse".

Maps & Statistics
... Maps and diagrams of the TGV network with key facts and figures on all TGV lines (junctions, kilometer points, travel times).

LGV Track Construction
... A simple overview of the construction of LGVs (Lignes à Grande Vitesse) proceeds, with an emphasis on track laying.

The TGV Signalling System
... A description of the TVM cab signal and how it works.

The LGV Nord-Europe
... Facts and figures about the TGV line in northern France.

Tracks for the Record Runs
... An overview of the preparation of track installations for the 1989/1990 world speed record.

LGV Links
... Check under Official High Speed Rail Sites > High Speed Lines.

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