Railway Operators in Estonia

EVR - Eesti Raudtee

Network length, gauge and electrification (2004):

Eesti Raudtee owns the part of the network operated by Elektriraudtee (electric lines around Tallinn) and the main lines from Tallinn to the east and southeast, towards Russia and Latvia.
Eesti Raudtee operates all freight services in Estonia. Baltic Rail Services has taken a 66% stake in Eesti Raudtee, but in 2006 EVR was sold back to the state of Estonia. Maybe the operating part of the company will be sold again, the network will stay in the hands of the gouvernment. On 1 January 2009 a separate EVR Infra and EVR Cargo subsidiary will be created.
In 2007 freight traffic collapsed, being 17% down on 2006 to 36.6 million tonnes. Market share was 63%, with Westgate Transport having 23% and Spacecom 14% of the railway freight market.

Website: http://www.evr.ee/

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AS GoRail

Network length, gauge and electrification (2006):

GoRail operates all international trains from Estonia. It was renamed in 2006 from EVR Express, as it is now part of the GoGroup (busses, trains, travel agency and hotel).

Website: http://www.gorail.ee/

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Elron - Eesti Liinirongid

Network length, gauge and electrification (2013):

In October 2013 Elektriraudtee was renamed into Elron, in preparation for the take-over of Edelaraudtee (diesel line) services at the end of 2013.

All electric (commuter) trains around Tallinn were operated by Elektriraudtee. The network consisted of 132km of electrified lines.
Edelaraudtee operated freight and passengers trains on Tallinn-Rapla-Lelle-Türi-Viljandi and Tallinn-Rapla-Lelle-Pärnu (300km). 

Website: http://www.elron.ee/

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CTT - CoalTerminalTrans

Network length, gauge and electrification (2006):

This new private operator probably transports coal, as the name already says. They have at least 4 large double diesel locomotives.

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