Railway Operators in Russia

RZD - Rossiyskye Zheleznye Dorogi

Network length, gauge and electrification (2009):

In 2014 RZD carried 1.7 billion passengers, 1% less than in 2013. Freight traffic was 0.8% down to 1.23 billion tonnes, producing 23 billion tonne-km (+5%).

Freight transport is now divided between RZD Freight One (PGK, general freight) and RZD Freight Two (also general freight), RZD Transcontainer (intermodal freight) and RZD Logistika (door-to-door). Long-distance passenger trains are operated by FPK (Federalnaya Passazhirskaya Kompania), another subsidiary of RZD, with their own coaches and locomotives owned by RZD. Local and regional express trains are operated by 27 suburban passenger companies (PPKs) who also rent locomotives and trainsets from RZD. There are open-access operators, they mainly use their own diesel and electric trainsets once owned by RZD. Locomoitve-hauled regional trains are rare nowadays.

Basic data is based on the book "Soviet Locomotive Types - the Union Legacy" by A.J. Heywood and I.D.C. Button. The numbers built shown are normally the number built for the entire USSR.

Website: http://www.rzd.ru/

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AE - AeroExpress

Network length, gauge and electrification (2013):

AeroExpress operates passenger trains between airports and city centers. They started with the 3 Moscow airports but are now extending the services to airports in other major cities.

Website: http://www.aeroexpress.ru/

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NTS - NefteTransServis

Network length, gauge and electrification (2014):

Private freight operator NTS has 16 branch offices in Russian and 2 in Kazakhstan. As indicated in the name they mainly transport oil and chemical products.

Website: http://www.neftetransservice.com/

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