Liveries and Paint schemes

Liveries and Paint schemes

This is the index page for information on liveries and paint schemes. If you like to add your own pictures to this page (GIF only, please - not bulky formats such as BMP!), please: I would also be happy about any additional blank drawings, especially of European rolling stock!

Railway Liveries

These are attempts to demonstrate all liveries of a given railway on small "example vehicles", such as a Locomotive 2000, a MaK diesel locomotive, and a 26.4 m passenger car, all drawn slightly simplified and at a scale of 6 pixels per meter.

The DB pop colours

Liveries for specific rolling stock

New! These pages now work like the "European Railway Picture Gallery". I have created a short text file describing each picture. For some pictures I was unable to find out the author - please contact me if you made these pictures and would like to be mentioned!

ABB/SLM Locomotive 2000

Not just the locomotive as we know it from Switzerland, Norway, Finland and Hong Kong, but also some interesting (or crazy?) modifications. Scale: 32 pixels per meter.

AEG/Krupp class 151 (DB)

A more "classic" shaped electric locomotive for your colouring experiments. 32 pixels/m.

Siemens/KraussMaffei EuroSprinter family

Including the ES64U2 (ÖBB 1116/Taurus). 32 pixels/m.


A number of different ICE versions in a smaller scale (10 pixels/m).

Talgo XXI

The diesel prototype and some electric derivations. 32 pixels/m.

GM/EMD locomotives

Based on drawings by Stan Lytle and others. The origin of it all: an unofficial painting contest for the BNSF; my blue/green livery won the second prize.

DB V160 diesel locomotive family

Class 215, derived from the V160, built by Keupp and other companies.

Alstom locomotives

Various locomotives by Alstom for Iran, France, Portugal ....

Breda locomotives

Bo'Bo'Bo' locomotives for Italy/Croatia/Slovenia

Jenbacher and Duro-Dakovic locomotives

Austrian and Croatian diesel shunting locomotives

Brissonneau & Lotz locomotives

French and ex-yugoslavian diesel locomotives and trainsets

Skoda locomotives

Various locomotives by Skoda for DR, CD, ZSR ....

Vossloh/MaK locomotives

Vossloh G1700BB and G2000 dieselhydraulic locomotives.

ASEA/Electroputere electric locomotives

Romanian locomotives class 40/41 and similar types.

Electroputere diesel locomotives

Romanian locomotives class 60/62 and similar types.

Fiat units

Various diesel railcars by Fiat.

Ganz units

EMUs operated by HZ and others.

Pafawag units

EMUs in Poland and ex-Yugoslavia.

Macosa units

Diesel trains built by Macosa (Croatia etc.).

RegioSwinger units

Tilting DMUs in Germany and Croatia.


Uerdinger railbus and related units.

Fantasy locomotives

Everything not directly based on a real locomotive.

Other locomotives

Colourings of real locomotives not fitting into any other category.

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Proposals for the livery of the future high speed railway in Taiwan.

PCC tramways

PCC Based on drawings by Jacques Bélanger. The north American PCC trams inspired numerous trams around the world. Plus other types of trams, by Filip Čaćković.

Passenger cars

Based on SGP cars for Austria and Greece (and some north American cars drawn by Richard Wilson-Shea).

Freight cars

Various freight cars of European origins.


For more North American liveries of the Locomotive 2000 look here at

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