Railway Operators in Austria

ÖBB - Österreichische Bundesbahnen

Network length, gauge and electrification (2004, 2007: 5702km in total):

On 1 January 2004 the ÖBB was divided in the following divisions: Since January 2005 Rail Cargo Austria AG is an independent company. At the end of 2008 it was announced that RCA would take over MÁV Cargo from Hungary, now known as Rail Cargo Hungaria. Freight operator Linea from Italy was also taken over, and now operates as Rail Cargo Italia. In December 2010 the Niederösterreich provice transport company (NÖVOG) took over all remaining narrow gauge lines from ÖBB.

In the beginning of 2012 all locomotives were divided between Rail Cargo Austria and ÖBB Personenverkehr, although most locomotives are still used by both entities. All former ÖBB Nostalgia historic locomotives, trainsets and motor cars have been sold, given to museum railways, or withdrawn.

In 2017 ÖBB passenger traffic amounted 246 million passengers, 2 million more than in 2016. Freight of the entire Rail Cargo Group grew by 14% to 32.9 billion tonne-km.

Website: http://www.oebb.at/

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CargoServ - Voest Steelworks

Network length, gauge and electrification (2001):

The steelworks company Voest now operates its own steel trains over the ÖBB lines between Steyrling and Linz. They transport around 3.6 million tonnes a year.

Website: http://www.cargoserv.at/

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Ecco - Ecco Rail GmbH

Network length, gauge and electrification (2015):

Ecco Rail is a European-wide open access freight operator. The main company is located in Poland. Austrian Ecco Rail has a subsidiary in Germany.

Website: http://www.ecco-rail.at/

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GCA - Grampetcargo Austria GmbH

Network length, gauge and electrification (2016):

Grampetcargo is a subsidiary of the Romanian Grampet group that also owns GFR in Romania, TH in Hungary and BRC in Bulgaria. For the time being they have hired historic locomotives to operate open-access freight trains.

Website: http://www.grampetcargo.at/

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GKB - Graz-Köflacher Bahn und Busbetrieb GmbH

Network length, gauge and electrification (2007):

This company operates trains on a network southeast of Graz. The lines are Graz-Lieboch-Köflach and Lieboch-Wies/Eibiswald. Modern traction is made up of push-pull double deck wagons and a locomotive class 1500. In 2014 5.6 million passengers travelled with GKB, 0.2 million more than in 2013.

Website: http://www.gkb.at/

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Höhenbahn Schoberboden - Reißeck-Seenplateau

Network length, gauge and electrification (1998):

This company operates narrow gauge trains on Schoberboden-Reisseck, up in the hills above Koblitz. It is accessible by a funicular from this city (with ÖBB station).

Website: http://www.verbund.com/tm/de/reisseck-bergbahnen

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LTE - Logistik und Transport GmbH

Network length, gauge and electrification (2001):

This company is the open-access freight operator of the GKE. They have started to run freight trains on Marchegg-Liesing in July 2001, and now operate more open-access freight trains.
In 2006 freight traffic grew to 1.3 million tonne (almost 100% more than in 2005).

Website: http://www.lte.at/

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MBS - Montafonerbahn AG Bludenz-Schruns

Network length, gauge and electrification (2001):

This company operates trains between Bludenz(ÖBB station) and Schruns in south-western Austria (Vorarlberg). In 2012 the MBS transported 1.9 million passengers, producing 28 million passenger-km.

Website: http://www.montafonerbahn.at/

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NÖVOG - Niederösterreichische Verkehrsorganisationsgesellschaft m.b.H.

Network length, gauge and electrification (2012):

In December 2010 NÖVOG has taken over all remaining narrow gauge lines from ÖBB, that were located in the Niederösterreich province. This includes the Mariazellerbahn (electrified), Citybahn Waidhofen (commuter trains), Waldviertler Schmalspurbahnen and Ybbstalbahn (both for tourist trains). Since April 2012 NÖVOG also operates the Schneebergbahn (Puchberg-Schneeberg) and has ordered passenger services on regional lines, still operated by ÖBB.

Websites: http://www.noevog.at/ and http://www.schneebergbahn.at/

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PL - Pro-Lok GmbH

Network length, gauge and electrification (2017):

The majority of the company Rail Professionals Stütz (RPS) was taken over by Metrans from the Czech Republic. Shareholder Wolfgang Stütz of RPS has another company, Pro-Lok, that mainly operates old electric locomotives. It is based in Wien.

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RTS - Rail Traction Service

Network length, gauge and electrification (2005):

RTS - a subsidiary of Swietelsky (railway construction and maintenance) - operates track maintenance and building trains with second-hand ÖBB diesel locomotives. The company is based at Werndorf(Graz).

Website: http://www.rts-austria.com/

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SETG - Salzburger Eisenbahn Transport Logistik

Network length, gauge and electrification (2002):

This new company is the open-access freight operator of the Salzburger Lokalbahn. Amongst the owners is MWB from Germany. SETG started with locomotives from MWB but now has its own (leased) locomotives.

Website: http://www.setg.at/

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StH - Verkehrsbetriebe Stern & Hafferl

Network length, gauge and electrification (2010):

This company operates standard gauge trains on Lambach-Vorchdorf(LV), and Linz-Eferding-Waizenkirchen-Neumarkt/Peuerbach(LILO). The line from Lambach to Haag (LH, 26.3km, electrified at 800V DC, owned by ÖBB) was closed in December 2009, this used to be operated by dual-voltage units actually owned by ÖBB.
They also operate narrow gauge trains on Gmunden-Vorchdorf(GV), Vöcklamarkt-Attersee(VA) and the Gmundner Lokalbahn(GM). Yearly some 4.7 million passengers and 150,000 tonnes of freight are transported.

On 1 September 2018 the TraunSeeTram (TST) opened, a through line from Gmunden ÖBB station to Vorchdorf, using most of the existing Gmundner Lokalbahn and Gmunden-Vorchdorf lines (18km). New low-floor trams were ordered for this line, and have been in use for over a year on Gmunden-Vorchdorf and Vöcklamarkt-Attersee before TST opened. 600V=/750V= change takes place in Engelhof station near Gmunden.

Website: http://www.stern-verkehr.at/

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StLB - Steiermärkische Landesbahnen

Network length, gauge and electrification (2015):

This company operates standard gauge trains on Gleisdorf-Weiz(GW), Peggau-Übelbach(PU) and Feldbach-Bad Gleichenberg(FG). They operate narrow gauge passenger trains on Unzmarkt-Tamsweg(UM), freight trains on Mixnitz-St. Erhard(MStE) and Weiz-Oberfeistritz(-Birkfeld)(WR), and steam-hauled tourist trains in summer on Unzmarkt-Tamsweg(UM) and Weiz-Birkfeld(WR).
In 2015 the Feistritztalbahn (WR, 24km) officially closed for safety reasons and will probably be sold to museum railway Club U44. Freight transport on the line was transferred to road, the locomotives stored or transferred to the Murtalbahn (UM).

In 2006 1.6 million tonnes of freight (27% more than in 2005) were transported.

Since 2018 standard gauge passenger trains (GW/PÜ/FG) are operated by Steiermarkbahn und Bus (STBB) and freight trains are operated by Steiermarkbahn Transport und Logistik (STB). STBB is 100% owned by Steiermark Land (province) and STB is a subsidiary of STBB. The narrow gauge locomotives and trainsets are still owned by StLB, that also manages the infrastructure.

Websites: http://www.stlb.at/ and http://www.steiermarkbahn.at/

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SLB - Salzburger Lokalbahn

Network length, gauge and electrification (2007):

Apart from the public transportation in Salzburg, this company operates trains on Salzburg(ÖBB station)-Bürmoos-Lamprechtshausen and Bürmoos-Trimmelkam (taken over from StH). The line to Trimmelkam was extended to Ostermiething (2.5km) in 2014 and may be even further extended towards Burghausen in Germany.
From 2010 they will operate local services in Germany (with Regentalbahn AG), over the Salzburg-Freilassing-Berchtesgaden line. 7 EMUs will be ordered for this service.
In early 2006 Salzburg AG - the owner of SLB - took over the Schafbergbahn narrow gauge line and the Wolfgangseeschifffahrt boat company from ÖBB. Together these are now marketed as Salzkammergutbahn (SKGB) but are actually operated by SLB. The stock of this line is included in the stock list below.
In summer 2008 SLB also took over the operation of the ÖBB Pinzgaubahn Zell am See-Krimml, together with some locomotives and motor cars, under the name Pinzgauer Lokalbahn.

In 2011 traffic on SLB grew by 1.05% to 4.8 million passengers. Traffic on PLB grew by 22% to 801,000 passengers.

Websites: http://www.slb.at/, http://www.schafbergbahn.at/ and http://www.pinzgauerlokalbahn.at/

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WB - WESTbahn

Network length, gauge and electrification (2011):

Since December 2011 WESTbahn operates open-access passenger trains in Austria, to begin with an hourly IC service on Wien-Salzburg in competition with ÖBB.

Website: http://www.westbahn.at/

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WLB - Wiener Lokalbahnen

Network length, gauge and electrification (2001):

This company operates trams on Wien Oper-Baden Josefsplatz. On a part of its line (Inzersdorf-Traiskirchen) there is also freight traffic. Apart from that WLB operates open-access freight trains over the ÖBB network under the name Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo (WLC). In 1999 7.2 million passengers were transported between Baden and Vienna.
In 2006 open-access freight traffic grew by 2.5% to 1.53 million tonnes.

Website: http://www.wlb.at/

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ZB - Zillertaler Verkehrsbetriebe AG

Network length, gauge and electrification (2002):

This company operates narrow gauge trains on Jenbach Zillertalbahn-Mayrhofen. In the summer there are special steam-hauled tourist trains too. Yearly some 300,000 tonnes of freight are transported.

Website: http://www.zillertalbahn.at/

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