The Stock Lists
(formerly European Railway Stock Lists)

The Stock Lists contain technical data on locomotives, shunters, EMUs and DMUs of all European Railways, both national and private. If available, for each class a preview picture with a pointer to the large one in the European Railway Picture Gallery is included.

The data in these lists is collected by Marco van Uden, with the help from a lot of other Railway fans worldwide. Information from the following magazines is also used to keep the lists up-to-date:
  • Today's Railways and Entrain (Platform 5 Publishing)
  • Eisenbahn Revue Österreich/Schweiz/International (Minirex AG)
  • Lok Report (LOK Report Verlag GmbH)
  • Op de Rails (NVBS, The Netherlands)
  • Op de Baan (TSP/PFT, Belgium)
Please send your remarks and additions by email to list -at- Any help is appreciated very much.

Note: due to the enormous amount of spam the email address was discontinued.

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European Countries
Albania Georgia Norway
Armenia Germany Poland
Austria Greece Portugal
Azerbaijan Hungary Romania
Belarus Ireland Russia
Belgium Italy Serbia
Bosnia-Hercegovina Kazakhstan Slovakia
Bulgaria Latvia Slovenia
Croatia Lithuania Spain
Czech Republic Luxemburg Sweden
Denmark Macedonia Switzerland
Estonia Moldova Turkey
Finland Montenegro United Kingdom
France Netherlands Ukraine

North-African and Middle-East Countries
Algeria Iraq Morocco
Egypt Israel Tunisia
Iran Jordan Syria

Also interesting: the Amtrak stock list (USA) by Geoff Sarbutt

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